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Theatrical Sound Designer and Engineer

I am a sound technician with the skills and the drive for a career in musical theatre.

  • Location: Maine, USA, willing to tour
  • Phone: +1 207-546-0496
  • Email: ben.hagle@gmail.com
  • Degree: B.A. in Technical Theatre Arts Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

With knowledge of digital and analog audio systems, and growing experience with everything from Broadway to concert touring, I am a great addition to any team. I love to learn and am focussed on growing my skills in all areas of sound. Currently, I am seeking employment as an Assistant/Associate Sound Designer and Sound Operator for musical theatre.

Given the current status of my industry, I am also seeking employment in the wider tech industry. My hands-on technical skills, as well as my natural ability to pick up software would make me ideal for a career in IT, technical support, or AV installation.

I have recently finished my degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I have spent my three years at the school primarily developing skills as a Production Sound Engineer, and as a Sound No. 2 for plays and musicals. I have also devoted my time to researching sound system documentation techniques, and theatre sound history, two topics which have been of great interest to me.


DiGiCo SD-Series

Yamaha CL & QL

Dante Certified

d&b Soundscape Certified

Radio Mic Fitting



Logic & Mainstage

Computer Networking


Microsoft Office

disguise Media Server


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Sound Engineering

With excellent troubleshooting skills and a can-do attitude, I would love to be your Production Sound Engineer.

Sound Design

I am incredibly interested in working as an Assistant or Associate as part of a Sound Design team.

Sound Mixing

I have worked with DiGiCo and Yamaha consoles, and will quickly pick up any others.

Radio Mic Fitting

I am a capable radio mic fitter with experience on large musicals.

Computer Networking

Through Dante certifications and continuing education in networking, I have experience with show networks.

Software Engineering

Programming is a hobby of mine. I have spent the COVID-19 pandemic practicing my web development skills


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